Only 60% gave or intend to give wage increases

According to the Today news report “Built in rises for low-wage workers showing results” (Jun 5) – “Based on the MOM report, almost 60 per cent of employers said that they gave or intend to give wage increases to their workers last year, similar to the proportion in 2012 but lower than the 77 per cent in 2013.”

Reading the above and the title of the news report may give the impression that things are working out for “below $1,000″ workers.

But, what exactly does the above mean?

Well, 41.1 per cent of establishments did not give a wage increase to employees earning a basic monthly salary of $1,000 and below in 2014.

This is worse than the 23 per cent in 2013, the previous year.


“Already paying salaries in line with the market”?

As to ”of the remaining employers which did not grant wage increases, about half said that they were already paying salaries in line with market levels. About 13 per cent cited poor business performance while 8 per cent said doing so would impact their business costs” – this may be ludicrous as how can they be “already paying salaries in line with the market” – when these employees are still earning below $1,000?


“English” problem?

After reading the above – don’t you get the feeling that the media’s “English” may be a bit different from our understanding of “English”?

So, in the final analysis, are “below $1,000″ workers really better off, after three years of NWC minimum salary increase recommendations and inflation adjustment?


Win battles lose war

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