In a photo shared on the Home Team Volunteers Facebook page, HTV shared about the Corporal Ann Sim — a pretty volunteer with the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit who works as an air stewardess.

Many netizens noticed her sweet looks and charming demeanor. Do you agree that she has an angelic face and a good heart?

This is her story.

“I was a nurse at the accident and emergency department in a hospital before changing my career to be a cabin crew. My new job is exciting but I did not want to sit on the life-saving skills that I’ve learnt from my previous job. I thought I should still put them to good use and that’s why I decided to volunteer with the CDAU.

It is easy for me to fulfil the minimum hours required by CDAU as I have control over my off-days as a flight stewardess. It has been five years since joining the SCDF ambulance crew. I’d like to thank SCDF for giving me the opportunity to be a volunteer and I hope to motivate the young to embrace a selfless passion to save lives too.”

To volunteer with the Home Team, please visit for details!

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