A reader contributed this disturbing screenshot to All Singapore Stuff. In it, it showed a Myanmar football fan making incendiary comments against Singapore. This was after Myanmer defeated Singapore 2 – 1 in last night’s SEA Games qualifying match at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

The Myanmar netizen with the online moniker Guidingstar Mmu ( threatened to takeover Singapore and make Singaporeans jobless.

He claims that Myanmar will soon takeover our jobs, economy and even replace our local population. He tells Singaporeans to work harder and stop blaming others. He ended off by saying that hardworking Myanmar people will take over all Singapore jobs and make Singaporeans jobless.

This is reminiscence of the previous incident where a Filipino nurse made similarly incendiary comments about Singapore. For his seditious comments, he was charged in Court for Sedition and giving false information to the police (

Being a city state that is one of the most prosperous nation in South East Asia, it is no wonder upcoming ASEAN countries like Philippines and Myanmar have set their sights on overtaking Singapore.

Are we ready to welcome the competition and deal with the spiteful comments from these wannabes?

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