Even after last night’s disappointing match where Singapore’s football team lost 2 – 1 to Myanmar, Singaporeans still found class to congratulate and praise both the Myanmar football team and their fans. After the match, it was observed by the public that Myanmar fans helped out with the cleaning of Jalan Besar stadium and this drew praise from all sides.

This was what some Singaporeans had to say about the visitors from Myanmar:

“Salute to them. .They are such nice ppl..very helpful n very polite..I see them always give money to ppl selling tissue around city hall..very nice ppl indeed”

“We need to learn from the citizens of Myanmar. Bravo!! Their biggest WIN tonight is the respect Mynmar won from all Singaporeans.”

“Well done Myanmar players. they showed a lot of determination and guts and of course a lot of sportsmanship behaviour. Must blame Singapore goalkeeper for both goals and for the coach for not starting Irfan Fandi from the start. Should get rid of Shahil and the no. 10 Faris Ramli. The defender Anu must relax a bit, he seems super Kancheong”

“Thanks Guys for helping. The Myanmar team really played well and deserved the win. Come on Sg, theres still hope. Go lions!!”

“Like i always say these sort of foreigners are what we want in singapore.. Quality ones who can intergrate with our singaporean culture and values.. Well done..”

“Salute them and respect them however they win singapore but they did not act and walk away after the match but they still stay and clean up the mess in jalan besar stadium i really salute them that they show respect to our fellow singaporean people.”

Despite our team’s unexpected loss, Singaporeans still had the humility to give credit when it’s due. Singaporeans are such a classy bunch isn’t it? Same goes for the visitors for showing us the meaning of civic-mindedness?

What do you think?

Credits: Channel News Asia

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