When asked on his observations on the “Singapore soul” and how state institutions can allow civil society to grow, ex-Foreign Minister George Yeo brought up the example of Amos Yee and commented that Amos Yee was obviously very bright.

He said:

“People all feel very conflicted by it. You ask yourself, if you’re a parent, how would you feel? If you’re a teenager, how would you feel? He’s obviously very bright, it would be such a sad thing if his life were to be destroyed by some of the things he’s done or said. There should be a reaction but it should not be an overreaction.”

“Is it possible to somehow manage it in such a way that he will grow up to be an adult who will make a big contribution to society rather than be a problem to society? I think whatever we do, we should always be motivated by a sense of wanting to do good and to save lives, which sometimes means being tough.”

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