Dear Editors,

I am disappointed at comments made by fellow Singaporeans when Feng Tian Wei from the Table Tennis Team had a shock lost in her singles match. Most comments celebrated her lost and forget that she is also representing Singapore. Are we blinded by xenophobia that we cannot look past their birth nationality? At least give chance to those who tried to integrate as Singaporeans and stop alienating them further.

Take for example when the table tennis mixed doubles won, if you watch the victory ceremony, you see Yang Zi and Yu Mengyu both singing the National Anthem Majulah Singapura just like any of us. Yes you may say they pretend to sing only, but how many of us true blue Singaporeans also pretend to sing the national anthem when we had flag raising in school all these years?

Then how about female table tennis head coach Jing Jun Hong, even though she was born in Shanghai, even after her playing career ended, she stayed on in Singapore to help develop the local table tennis team. She even married a Singaporean man former Singapore paddler Loy Soo Han and gave birth to a true blue Singaporean son.

Ok granted there are people like Li Jia Wei, Mirko Grabovac and Egmar Goncalves who packed up their bags and turned their backs on Singapore the moment they retired but remember there are also those who stay rooted in Singapore and contribute for the long term.

Therefore, we need to re-examine how we treat such foreign born athletes and at least give them a chance to proof their loyalty. If they turn their backs on us and make use of Singapore’s generosity then let us unleash our criticism.

If not, why not give them chance and don’t be so harsh on them lah, it is not all but some are trying their best to integrate by learning English, by enjoying our food, by doing the little things that make them Singaporean. At least give these group of them a chance to integrate and become part of Singapore’s future?

Tan Seng Hong
A.S.S. Contributor

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