I see many Singaporeans and fellow Pinoys talking bad about our Pilipinas when they lost the netball match. Stop being rude and look at yourselves in the mirror!

Singapore is Netball’s #1 team in the world rankings… the Philippines formed this group about 6 months ago. It’s just a big older team bullying a young team, what’s so great about you Singaporeans?

Although your team were the mentors to our girls at first, but now it shows that your team has not been completely serious about training us. Honestly who will train their competitors seriously? Especially since our Pilipinas are so much more hardworking and determined than you!

Give us a couple of years and the Pilipinas will surely know how to play this game properly.

Anyway, most of us in the Philippines have not heard about this sport until this recent 28th SEA games. We will improve, and we will come back to beat you.


Mari Angara Gonzales

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