In response to a contributed article calling for Singaporeans to be more accepting and give chance to Singapore’s foreign born athletes, this what what one netizen Muhd Firdaus had to say about the local vs foreigner divide in Singapore.

He said:

“Actually locals are being realistic, who wouldn’t be angry being in a country whereby a lot of the policies has become too pro-foreigners. Tell me which country can accept when the government tries to converts so many foreigners into citizens and the locals ends up the minority in their own country.

Foreigners can stay here in Singapore but just as workers not as citizens, there are other ways to bring up our population without converting foreigners into citizens which is the shortcut way, a lot of cases of discriminations by foreigners towards locals are happening at a huge number.

We are fearing it might get worst when foreigners/new citizens population grows even bigger or they become the majority population here, these are real concerns from the ground.

But knowing how stubborn our current PM is he won’t change anything as he’s dead sure his population white paper policy is fooled-proof.

I hope the other ministers in PAP can advice the PM to not take this population white paper route before more social problems occurs towards the locals.”

Will the government take the author’s frank but constructive advice into consideration? 

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