Someone is profiting from the importing of foreign Table Tennis players. Obviously the medals they brought in hasn’t rallied Singaporeans to be any more patriotic like the spirit of Kallang Roar.

International athletes know if they are competing against a peer or a quick fix import. There are no post victory celebrations like what Fandi and team brought at Changi Airport.

Yet, year after year millions are poured in to bring in these supposedly glory makers… Millions that could have been used to develop a healthy sports culture in our youth.

Imagine again a time where young people play football at the void decks, badminton along corridors, sepaktakraw under the trees, children running telematches, teens taking to the sea on canoes and sailboats… Those were the days before these imports. The days that produced the likes of Fandi, Sundram, Zarinah Abdullah, Ang Peng Siong, Tan Howe Liang, Fatholmein Ali, Mardan Mamat, Jocelyn Yeo, Bennedict Tan… The days where sports was a lifestyle not just a medal spectacle…

Someone somewhere must be profiting from these importing missions… And Singapore sports loses in the long run.


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