Yesterday, a 29 year old Swedish man Andreas Michel Blomqvist was sentenced 12 weeks imprisonment for punching a 60 year old cab driver who tried to collect his $20 fare.

On 20 September 2014, Blomqvist took Koh Tat Wah’s taxi from Habourfront to Ang Mo Kio. Upon arrival at his destination, the 29 year old walked off without paying his cab fare. The taxi driver Koh chased after him and blocked his way demanding for payment.

Blomqvist in anger tackled the 60 year old driver to the ground and punched him in the face several times. Koh suffered swelling and bruising on his forehead.

In his own defence, Blomqvist argued that even though he did not pay the taxi fare, the taxi driver did not have the right to block him. He also said that since the taxi driver did not require medical leave, his injuries were considered mild.

In his sentencing, District Judge Imran Abdul Hamid said that there was no need to use violence on victim as taxi driver Koh was never violent towards him.

Strangely, the Judge took into consideration the facts that Blomqvist was a first time offender, had showed evidence of good character because he was a regular blood donor in Singapore and was studying for a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Time has been given for Blomqvist to settle his affairs and he is out on $5,000 bail. His jail sentence will commence on Friday.

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