Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say had strong words for companies who are always appealing for leniency for foreign worker quotas. He said companies needed to realise that there is no turning back on foreign worker policies.

Minister Lim said: “We have reached a point of no return. If they keep hoping that the Ministry of Manpower will revisit our policy on foreign workers to treat them special, give them higher quotas and so on, that is not possible.”

Lim added that any further relaxation in foreign worker policy and Singaporeans will be outnumbered by foreign workers. The ratio of locals to foreign workers has gone down from 4:1 to 2:1 currently.

He stated that Singapore can no longer afford to adopt a liberal policy towards taking in foreign labour if Singapore were to continue on this path, soon the local to foreign manpower ratio would be come 1:1.

When that happens, Singaporeans will find themselves a minority in the Singapore workforce and that is undesirable for Singapore.

Are Singaporeans already a minority in our own country? Can Singaporeans hold Lim Swee Say to his word that foreign worker quotas will not be relaxed further? Will our manpower become a truly Singaporean core in the future?

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