Call me a racist, a xenophobe, whatever you want. But I will only support our local table tennis player Isabelle Li.

A little background on her: In SEA Games 2013 and 2014, Isabelle won 1st place for the Women’s Team and 2nd place in the Women’s Singles table tennis championships. She has won 3rd place consistently at the Asian Games Women’s Team event for the past 2 years. In the World Team Cup 2013 and 2015, she was also placed 3rd for the Women’s Team event.

Compare Isabelle with her PRC team mates, and you’ll see why I arrived at this very simple decision.

In one corner, we have a local talent who has been consistently winning medals for Singapore since 2006. In the other corner, we have foreigners who the government has shamelessly bought using Singapore citizenship + taxpayers’ money.

The government might say that the PRCs improve Singapore’s overall medal quota because they bring in more medals. They might also say that the PRC imports play better table tennis. But I disagree. If the money that had gone into these PRCs had been spent on Isabelle and other local born team mates, would we still have a problem with Singaporeans and other countries laughing at our Singapore table tennis players? Don’t you think it’s shameful that even PRC coach is calling our team the “China B team”?

So call me names or label me ungrateful, but I’ll pick a local born Singaporean over a foreign imported player any day.

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