Leaving this review as a warning for everyone.

I booked a stay at Swissotel in January this year with my family. At first when we arrived, the hotel was everything you could ever dream of. Smooth reception, well mannered service staff, clean room on the highest floor (even though it was a bit small), and near to all the famous landmarks of Singapore like Clark Quay. It is easily one of the best hotels in its class.

However, everything went south come nightfall. The family started to hear strange noises at night. It was like someone was knocking rudely on our door. Then there was loud yelling throughout the hallway. We initially thought that the noises were coming from boisterous guests who were coming back after a round of drinks and so we made a noise complaint to the reception. But the noises didn’t stop and became even louder instead.

We decide to just leave the room altogether and go out for a bit to take in some of Singapore’s nightlife. To our horror, we found the room in an absolute mess when we came back. Our furniture had been shifted around and aligned in thoroughly unnatural angles.

We felt unsafe staying in the same room, so we requested for a change after that and thankfully there was one, although we were sent down a few levels from the top floor.

I would never recommend anyone stay here after this horrid experience… unless you’re looking for some thrills.


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