According to the Straits Times news report “More than 9,000 new HDB flats launched around the island from Queenstown to Clementi and Punggol” (May 27) – “With housing grants, the selling prices of two-, three-, four- and five-room flats start from $15,000, $102,000, $203,000 and $354,000 respectively.”


Prices after housing grants

Why is it that the media often highlights only the prices after housing grants?

How many and what percentage buyers actually get the grants and what was the actual quantum of the grants received?


BTO price increased by 5.8%?

The latest BTO launch in May 2015 is selling Sembawang  EastLink I & II @ Canberra 4-room flats from $238,000.

In the May 2013 BTO launch – Sembawang Eastbank, Eastbrook and Eastwave@Canberra were selling 4-room flats from $225,000.

This is an increase in the lowest priced 4-room flat by 5.8 per cent.


URA index fell 5.5%?

But, the URA resale price index fell by about 5.5 per cent during the similar period.


Are BTO prices really delinked from resale prices?

So, have BTO prices really been delinked from resale prices?


Please explain 11.3 % price differential?

If so, shouldn’t prices have fallen by about 5.5 per cent, instead of having increased by 5.8 per cent?

How do we explain the 11.3 per cent price differential?


Win battles lose war

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