55% met CPF Minimum Sum

According to a news report in Zao Bao (Jun 2) – 55 per cent of CPF members were able to meet the Minimum Sum at age 55.


Met with property pledge?

However, I understand that this includes those who met the Minimum Sum by pledging property.

Is it like the previous year, whereby about half met the Minimum Sum with property pledge?

If this is the case – then the number who met entirely with CPF is about 27.5 per cent.


Met by active CPF members only?

Also, the statistics are for active CPF members.  I understand that there are about one inactive member for every active member.


Only 14% of Singaporeans met Minimum Sum at 55?

So, does it mean that only about 13.75 per cent of all members met the Minimum Sum?

What is the proportion of active to inactive members at age 55?

Moreover, the statistics are on residents, and not Singaporeans.

Why not just tell us how many Singaporeans met the Minimum Sum in full at age 55?


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