Dear all,

Sorry I don’t usually do this but certain people out there are just being a bitch.. They’re saying “Who ask him break the law”, “he deserves it” etc..

The SOP for all armed securities is first with 3 verbal warnings, warning shot then followed by a shot BUT not to the head(just to immobalised the threat)!

There are such thing as ‘Rule Of Engagement’.. Even if he have 100Kg of drugs, death sentence or punishment only can be given by the judge.. Not by anybody else..

That officer is abusing his power is what i can say.. We have the right to speak up, Singapore have law so anybody who go against it have to face the music.. Yes, ANYBODY!

Not following the ROE is an offence, shoot by accident/without intention(negligence discharge) is an offence, shooting someone who have no weapon is an offence.. I or anybody can say this, but still only the right authority can make the call..

Let’s just wait..

PS:Yes you guys can say he deserves it, but try putting yourself in his wife shoes or his immediate family members.. Stop being a fucking selfish asshole!

Norrizam Rashid

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