In response to the article http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/deceased-wife-police-justified-shoot-dead-my-husband-because-he-run-away, this was what one netizen had to say to the deceased man’s wife.

Dear Wifey,

Let me point out the things that your husband had done.

1. Drive without valid license
2. Drive with a trunk full of drugs.
3. Ignore warning given by the police.
4. Failure to stop at barricade.
5. Attempt to cause hurt to an officer with a vehicle.
6. Reckless driving that might cause death to pedestrian
7. Failure to attend court hearing
8. Suspicious of drug trafficking
9. Suspicious of drug consumption
10. Passengers not wearing seatbelt
11. Passengers known of drug related offences
12. Driving without a valid driving license
13. Driving without a valid insurance

These are some of the offences that he might faced if he still alive. But if the drug found is alot, he could face Death Sentence by hang. The bullets fired are 1 out of 6 that could hit directly his head.

Even is she said that the drugs is not his, but its still inside their car and that is called Possesion. If the drugs is not his, can the police say that the car is not theirs too?

Being a true muslim, she should acknowledge her husband mistake and apologise on his behalf. By challenging the authorities and not seek forgiveness, his soul will not rest in peace. A soul to enter paradise needs to be forgiven for his sins from others unless if he is in debt.

Mohd Khaliff Izham Shah

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