Editor’s note: The founder of Keeping Hope Alive sent this to us in response to the overwhelming comments from netizens who say that they want to help the poor 4 year-old girl, Lisa, who was seen begging for food. She says that social workers and volunteers are already attending to this case and have settled most if not all of her basic necessities. However, she says that kind souls can still pitch in by buying her an insurance plan for her health or education, or have a regular volunteer to give Lisa’s mother some bus fare money or a taxi driver to fetch her to go for her mental health appointments.

Fion Pua

First is very unfair and untrue on some comments made here.

1st this case was refer to keeping hope alive by the IMH cause one of keeping hope alive volunteer Jamie Hoon is also on both side as volunteers.

Me the founder of Keeping hope alive done the following for this unit without waiting without question.

A team make up of painter nurse dr counseling mother chef and vendor of electricity appliances.

We bring mother , mother sister and daughter to cut hair see dr for sore eyes

Shower buy clothes

Old clothes that beyond wearing conditions we throw .

Emilyn Tay Elaine Tan may May Hwee Huang hands on this part

Painter and cleaning bed bugs Edmund Ng Painter Ronny Cjw Wes Ng & Chong Wei hands on unit so bright no bed bugs all count on them

Steven Tan Di’en Xiao Qiang making sure all windows clean and locked with keys in place

Our Veronica Tan trimmed the little girl nails and we have volunteers team once a month to follow up

June Tan Wilson Tan Priscilla Ong going up to support encourage do house work like sweeping moping washing clothes toilet together with them

Zann Teo cooking nutrition meal every day send up and feed the young girl.

Fridge bed mattress blanket pillow bed sheets all settle

Serene Wong give them pull out drawer

Gina Pang wardrobe

Emilyn bed frame and mattress

I installed water heater making sure the young girl get to have shower

I personally check her body making sure if any burn mark when n why

Victoria Zhang check food expired . Milk powder milk bottle milo all that you can think of settle by Keeping hope alive volunteers

So now if you wish to help yes you can please once a week volunteer to clean up the rabbit cage

And buy a insurance plan like hospital plan or education plan for this young girl …

And if you willing please do not give them any toys or clothes or book their house is only 1 room HDB not one bungalow PLEASE it tooks me and my team hours what you can do it top up bus fair or best if you are a taxi driver fetch the mother for regular follow up

Can please allow the Society worker and gov to have time to work out for this family . I know your heart is like mine warm and caring but really appreciate don’t over expose this girl and please spare a thought for the mother give only positive comments no mother like to be like this is you are her . Be kind start from your keyboard.

Ms Fion Phua

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