A video of 2 men fighting outside of a HDB unit in Seng Kang has gone viral, leaving netizens questioning when and where the video was taken.

In the video, an uncle in a green shirt was seen challenging a man in white behind the gate of his HDB flat. The uncle demanded to know why his neighbor had shouted rudely at his wife and told him that he was lesser of a man for bullying a woman. Visibly angered by the uncle’s words, the man in the HDB flat unlocked his gate and dashed out, raining punches onto the uncle who was unable to fend off his attacker. Despite trying to throw off his attacker several times, the man in white continued to rain countless blows on the uncle in green until the video’s conclusion.

Acting on netizen tip offs, reporters went to the scene of the fight, a 15th storey common corridor in HDB block 257C at Compassvale Road.

There, reporters spoke to the wife of the uncle in green, and learnt that the feud between the 2 neighbors has been ongoing for at least 10 years. She declined to reveal more about the origins of the feud, but said that the fight that was captured on video took place several months ago.

Reporters also spoke to a young relative of the uncle in green, who said he was the one who took the video. However, he says he is not sure how the video ended up on the internet.

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