Me and a PR friend attended a Specialist Diploma course at NYP in 2012. We both got MOE subsidy. I got 85% subsidy. While my PR friend got 60% subsidy.

^ No subsidy for subsequent AD / SD within five years of graduation from the previous one.

This year, I wanted to enroll into another Specialist Diploma but found out that it had not yet been 5 years, so I cannot get another MOE funding.

My PR friend who is now a new citizen checked with the school.

Turns out that technically(?) he had never got any funding as a citizen. So he is eligible to apply for another Specialist Diploma course with Citizen Funding.

While the Singapore-born citizen cannot apply for another course, I must wait for my 5 years to be up before I can get another MOE Funding!

When I checked with MOE about this, this was the reply they gave me.

1. We refer to your query dated 22th May 2015 with regard to the five-year time bar placed on students who wish to pursue another Specialist Diploma on subsidised basis.

2. We wish to clarify that the five–year time bar requirement for post-diploma qualifications will be removed from second half 2015. This was announced in the 2015 Budget Statement made by DPM Tharman on 23 Feb 2015, as part of SkillsFuture initiatives to support and encourage lifelong learning.

3. You will be eligible to receive subsidy to pursue another Specialised Diploma at one of the local polytechnics from course semester commencing from July 2015.

New citizen gets funding twice in under 5 years, while Singapore citizens have to wait 5 years.

Mr Tan

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