Dear Sir or Madam,
I am a concerned member of the public. I recently saw a video of a SBS bus driver who endangered the lives of his passengers by driving wildly and very fast on his route. From the video, you can see the whole bus is shaking violently and the man filming the incident and the surrounding passengers almost fell down during the ride. [Editor’s note: See the video here:].
I want to voice my concern as a regular passenger of your buses. I too live in the Ang Mo Kio area where this bus 269 plies its routes. On several occasions, I too have witnessed bus drivers on this route driving too fast and unsteadily, especially around school zones where innocent children may cross the roads. 
Although I have never experienced the kind of terror that the passengers experienced in this video, but this incident has hit too close to home. I am now genuinely afraid for my safety and my family’s safety whenever I board SBS bus 269.
Even worse is the unrepentant and arrogant manner of the bus driver, who did not even bother to slow down or apologise for his reckless driving. Instead, when his passengers scolded him and asked him to slow down, he got angry and drove even more recklessly, weaving in and out of lanes as in the video. Is this the kind of service standard that we are to expect from employees of your company?
I am calling on SBS, LTA and the Traffic Police to conduct a fair and transparent investigation into this incident. As passengers in SBS‘ care, we expect bus drivers to show regard for our safety and our lives.
Edmund Tan K. W.
Resident of Ang Mo Kio

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