As Vesak approaches, please BEWARE! Please SHARE! After much contemplation and after consulting with someone knowledgeable, I decided to post this.

This afternoon at 5pm, I was at a coffee shop along North Bridge Road opp Bugis Junction. I watched a woman in ‘monastic robes’ with a small ‘alms bowl’ approach a table for donation (dana); money was given.

She then came to me, before she asked me for dana, I quickly took pictures of her. I asked, “Do you know that you need a permit? Where are you from?”

She replied in Mandarin with mainland China accent, “I’m from Chiangmai.” I said, “You sound like you’re from China.” She said, “No, Chiangmai has more than 20 minority tribes.”

I said, “Your accent tells me you are from China. It is illegal to ask for money and it’s 5pm! I can report you.” She replied, “Oh, now you tell me, now I know.” and walked away quickly.

Why is she bogus? Real monastics:

a. do not go around begging table to table
b. will only standstill at one location, they do not ask for money, they only need food or medication
c. will not ask for alms after 11am
d. will not wear headgear

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