With Singapore economic boom and the influx of thousands of foreign workers, we are experiencing a culture shock of unSingaporean behaviours and attitudes.
I am filing this report as my concern to what is happening every Sunday at our parks and public places. I hope the authorities will look into this issues.

Every Sunday, Paya Lebar and Lucky Plaza have become a ‘flesh market’ for thousands of Banglas to gather, stalk, prey and pick maids for their lust and sexual desires. Toa Payoh park, Botanical Gardens, Sentosa are full of Banglas and maids.

The open space between Kallang Airport Drive and Kallang Airport Way is littered with couples, Banglas and maids. Openly displaying ‘intimate and sensuous’ behaviours.
Checkout also cheap hotels for hourly bookings, in Geylang, Balestiar etc, where maids and Banglas checking rooms for their sexual flings.

Also check-out every Sunday at the East Coast Park, Carpark D, Banglas and maids pitch tents for their ‘sex love nests’ for their immoral activities. Right in a public recreational park and beach areas that are meant for family outings. I am sure making love in a public area is a punishable offence.

This are not a normal boy/girl relationships of love and marriage, these are clear cut issues of sex predators taking advantage of naïve, vulnerable maids for their sexual pleasures. As we know the Banglas/Indians come from a country where women are subservient to men, a male chauvinistic society, a rape occurs every 15 minutes. They are all over Spore, preying and stalking our maids, in Malls, markets and void decks. Once hooked, Banglas will use maid as their weekend ‘comfort women’ f.o.c.. Both Banglas and maids have it free and easy for sexual misconduct in Singapore.

As we know hundreds of maids are pregnant every year, as always the girls get used and abandon. . When things goes wrong its is easy for the Bangla/Indian guy to vanish off, the phone calls goes cold, The maid does not know where the guys lives, it must be in a dormitory somewhere with thousands other workers with no room number.
I have seen these guys tugging pulling on these helpless maids, they just froze, offers no resistance, blank stare out of fear or surrender. I believe sometimes when maids are reluctant force are used.

As we know many of the girls under declare their age to work here. So here theres a potential for Banglas having sex with underaged girls.

These Bangla/ Indian sex predators come from countries where women are not respected and subservient to men. Sexual abuse, rape, molest and violence against women are rampant. They escaped conviction in their country and in Singapore they do with impunity.

Unlike other foreign workers in Spore, only Bangla/Indian men they like to prey on maids. The lonely maids have become an obsession, free fodder, easy meat to satisfy their libido. It’s becoming too rampant and its becoming pandemic proportions.

There are more sinister intentions besides a normal Bangla and maid relationship

SEXUAL OFFENCES GOES UNREPORTED.The maids do not how to complain and address their problems, They are easily exploited. On numerous occasions I have heard of maids after booking a hotel room with their Bangla boyfriends, find their money and possession missing along with their boyfriends. I also heard cases of sexual offences, forced sex, spiked drinks and broken promises. When molest and rapes do happen, most maids are too scared to report , whatever happens these girls will never ever report to the authorities or police let alone inform their employers. They are the silent victims..

Willing or unwilling the line must not be crossed, all this must be within the boundaries of Singapore laws. They are breaking Singapores civil and labour laws.

I believe these foreign workers, Banglas and maids, have contravene and defy their working contract which requires ‘good behavior’ and not to cause public unease. There are Indonesian maids who claimed that they are ‘married’ or contractual ‘nikah sirri’ with Banglas in Spore.

These foreign workers have displayed bahaviours that have been very disconcerting and caused unease and disgust among Singaporeans. As a familiy oriented nation these behaviours have caused disgust and unease among Singaporeans.

Action must be taken to apprehend these sex predators, curtailed such abuses and protect our maids. The authorities, after taking care of liquors and drinkers, its time to reprimand and discipline Banglas/Indians sexpredators of stalking, preying and sexploiting our maids with impunity.

Joseph Eldridge
A.S.S. Contributor

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