Dear all,

I really don’t understand the mentality why it’s such a big hoohaa to give priority to pregnant ladies. If you really need to sit down, jolly well ask nicely if anyone can give up their seat. They paid the same fare just like everyone else. I have been pregnant twice and I never expected anyone to give up their seats for me. I don’t see the need to force people.. kindness comes from the heart. You don’t make a rule for having to be kind. That’s stupid.

Unless you’re disabled or handicapped then yes, you’re excused. If you think it’s a long journey for you to carry your own pregnant self, please travel by another mode of transport or better yet, stay home. I am an active pregnant mom who hates whiny women who picks on every single small issue. Grow up. Not everyone is here to please you.

I brought my firstborn out on a stroller while pregnant with my second, no issues too. Had to stand same as everyone else due to mad rush hour. I’m perfectly fine with that. Please stop having the mentality that everyone needs to stand just so you can sit because you’re pregnant. Irritating ok.

Nadea Aidil
A.S.S. Reader

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