Jover Chew and 3 other men arrived at the Courts today to face charges for a series of cheating cases.

Police received several reports in 2014 against the Mobile Air owner and his employees for dishonest sales practices. Customers say they had been duped into buying handphones and in-house warranties at over the top prices. Those who wanted to cancel their deals even had to pay fees of up to hundreds of Singapore dollars.

Chew and 2 of the men were brought from remand in a police van to the State Courts at about 7.30am.

Another former Mobile Air employee, Edmund Lim Hong Ching, was spotted arriving at the State Courts at 8.50am. He was reported to also be known as Ricky Lee and Wilfred, and took over Chew’s shop after the owner closed it and went missing late last year.

Chew and his shop became infamous after a video of a crying Vietnamese tourist begging staff at the shop for a refund went viral last November.

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