A Facebook user shared 2 videos today about a woman creating a huge scene at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The videos showed the woman becoming hysterical after she was told she could not board as she was late for the flight, pushing past airport security and struggling to open the plane door of AirAsia flight AK380 bound for Jakarta.

According to the eye witness, the airplane door was locked and was simply waiting for air traffic clearance. After arriving late, the woman had dashed past security personnel and tried to force open the airplane door to no avail. She demanded to be allowed to board, and refused to budge even as male airport security staff tried to vacate her for the safety of herself and other passengers.

In the videos, the woman was seen kicking and scratching at security personnel, struggling to break free of their hold. She kept shouting, “I have a ticket!”

When staff were seen telling her that she could not board because she was late, she shot back, “It is supposed to wait for me!”

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