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Since Amos Yee's release from remand, Yee had refused to meet his assigned probation officer for interviews and allegedly informed her that he does not want probation. In view of his uncooperative actions, the prosecution is recommending that Yee be sent to the Reformative Training Centre for rehabilitation. They argue that a jail term, fine or probation is ineffective in reforming the uncontrollable teenager. 

Typically, a youth who lacks self-discipline, has no regard for law and authority and is beyond his parents' control will be considered suitable for reformative training than probation or jail time.

So what is the Reformative Training Centre or RTC for short? What will Amos Yee have to endure during his stint in RTC if the Courts decides to send him there?

According to past revelations about the RTC regime, youths would be put behind bars like typical prisoners. The only difference being they would be separated from hardened adult criminals.

When Amos is first brought to RTC, he will have to spend his first two weeks in solitude confinement so that he can think about where he went wrong. This solitary reflection is done in a cell about the side of two ping-pong tables. Yee will only be let out for morning foot drills and for his meetings with psychologists or RTC supervisors.

After the initial phase, Amos will be forced to settle into a daily routine that starts from 6am in the morning and ends at 9pm. His daily regime would look something like this:

6am: Day starts.

Morning: After breakfast, they attend programmes tailored to their needs that include studies, art therapy and religious counselling.

Noon to 1pm: Lunch

Afternoon: Counselling, studies and yard time. Before

6pm: Dinner

9pm: Lights out

During his stint at RTC, Amos is expected to follow the strict regimentation and any deviation from the rules will be met with punishment. Although infringements within RTC are usually minor, fights and assaults are known to take place and Amos should be prepared for such situations. 

For simple infringements like the failure to keep his hands behind his backs while talking to officers or straying from a single file while moving within RTC compound, Amos Yee will be subject to grueling conditions and punishment. 

I don't understand why Amos Yee is so adamant about not having probation but doing everything he can to enter the RTC. I hope he will think clearly before it is too late for himself and RTC beckons. RTC is the place where rough teens end up and Amos "toughness" may not save him from misery there. 

Chai Heng
A.S.S. Contributor

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