Dear Editors,

This is regarding your article about a lady who stole a baby stroller from My First Skool at Boon Lay Community Centre.

After your call for information went up, numerous netizens come together to provide further information on the suspect. This is after the Singapore Police Force said the rate of catching this lady is very low despite the availability of CCTV footage.

I am very disappointed with our police's lousy attitude in such "small" case. If this happen to a PAP minister, do you think the police will dare to say such nonsense?

Everyone regardless of their status should have the same support from the police. You are paid to do your job, so do it with professionalism. Okay but never mind.

These are the details provided by netizens on the suspect. I hope the police will use this information wisely and give some closure to the victim.

Helpful Singaporeans already spoonfeed you, now time to do your job.


Goh Cindy

A.S.S. Reader

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