A Singaporean couple spent close to $30,000 on their wedding dinner with M Hotel last week, but ended up with disaster on their wedding day.

At first, the hotel delivered the tea for the Chinese tea drinking ceremony later than the scheduled time. The timing of the ceremony is especially important to Chinese couples because it is considered taboo to miss the auspicious time of the day.

Then, a piece of wood fell out of the dressing table used by the couple. Their make up artist hired by the couple accidentally stepped on one of the screws and ended up with a bloody injury. Not a good sign indeed.

Finally, and most horrifyingly, guests found a cockroach in one of the bowls of sharks fin served to them during the banquet. The couple were humiliated and felt extremely sorry for their guests that evening, as most of them lost their appetites after word got around about the cockroach in the soup.

M Hotel tried to tell the media that the insect was actually just a fly, and tried to deflect the blame by saying that the fly had flown into the soup after it was served. It also tried to offer a half-hearted discount of 25% off ONE TABLE after the disastrous wedding dinner.

Alas, the damage has been done and what was meant to be a beautiful day for the couple has been turned into a nightmare, one that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

M Hotel later gave a slightly more generous compensation, saying that it would waive the cost of 1 table and offer a free stay for the couple on their 1st year anniversary. The guests who found the insect were also given buffet vouchers.

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