Dear SAF,

Please give me my boyfriend back.

Ever since my boyfriend enlisted in the army, he’s been very impatient and angry. He would swear at me most of the time which he have never done before he enlisted. He would use army as a reason for why he’s so angry most of the time because army made him exhausted or frustrated.

Not only that, he also started lying to me. He lied about being in camp sleeping, when he was actually having nights out drinking till 5am in the morning which he called it “”Unit Introduction Program”” (UIP). Is this even a legit word in the army??

He even made up some lame ass excuse of being in camp when he’s actually out clubbing on a Friday night. So instead of army changing you and making you a better person, why does it feel like my boyfriend is becoming a big ass jerk who constantly lies to me instead?

What more to say we’re doing long distance and I’ve been really patient with him all these while but how long am I supposed to cope with this? All of the time difference and actually staying awake till late night so I’ll get to talk to him on the phone and all he’s giving me is this shitty attitude.

I want my old boyfriend back.

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