Dear Editors,

I was trapped in the basement car park along with many other motorists on Saturday, 23 May at around 11am.

All the car park exit ramps failed to open and we were diverted from one exit to another and yet completely trapped. Couldn’t get out at all ! I called the management office, they took 1 hour to find the keys to open up the ramp.

During this period of time, there were only a handful security guards walking around, apparently, this was not part of their job. The car park people were not around to assist.

I managed to get through to the management office phone once and thereafter, they literally hung up their phone !

If there be a fire at the basement, I guessed we will all be barbequed. Of course, we could have bashed the ramp to get out. But, trying to exit legally was the problem.

I called the police for help as there was no solution and the management office not answering to call.

When I told the police operator that many of us were trapped in Kallang Wave, she asked if this is a shopping centre. I said, no, it is the sports stadium and she still has no clue what place was that. She asked for the management office phone number, I was speechless. Does it mean that when the police called, a siren will sound instead of ringing, and the management office will pick up the phone ? I cannot understand how the police works, if it was indeed an emergency and over the phone had to be discreet, how can the police operator cope ?

Two separate incidents just show up how bad things are. First, we spent billions on the sports complex, not only the grass patch has problem, the car park too is below par as compared to other complexes such as shopping centers.

We talk so much of public efficiency but we have police operator that is not alert, disinterested, and not aware of Singapore landmarks ?? How to function properly.

Luther tan

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