For a cheating lying asshole.

I did this not because he didn’t chose me in the end, but rather how he handled the situation. He did not care about how i would feel and focused solely on how wonderful his new relationship would be before ours was properly ended despite its short duration (started 26 April 2015) and was utterly selfish. Yes i want him to be happy but, not by lying about what i am and who i am. We went through **** for 3 months though we had no status then (because i kept saying no. I felt that he wasn’t ready), i stuck by him cause i believed i love him and i should do all i can for him.

Then this ****er ****ing posted a photo of him and X on instagram (foolishly thinking he has already blocked me. btw i still didn’t know they were together already) with the caption “Love the way you are! ‪#‎jyw‬”.

What the **** is the meaning of that sia, like nabei what you playing now? I was so sad and angry, i ****ing took urgent halfday leave and went down to his dorm and just packed my things.

I was damn determined to get my **** out of the place and be done. But i didn’t. I sat down. Had one smoke. Two smoke. Three smoke.

He asked me “why are you here”.

I sat there and poured my heart out to him, he cried and said he really don’t know what to do, i held his hands, begged him, made him kiss me and hug me and **** me like he used to, hoping he would stop playing and come back to me.

After we were done he asked why? Why did i want i still want him when i know he is clearly a very ****ed up guy.

He told me not to contact him or appear at his dorm thereafter because he needs to detach himself from me in order to really sort out his feelings properly.

Chao gin nah 5 years old also can smell through the ****ing ******** okay. But at that point of time i couldn’t.

Now that i think about it, why the **** did he **** me when he is already together with her? This asshole is a ****ing chronic liar. He thinks if no one finds out it is as good as it didn’t happen.

SORRY BRO. I am a ****ing crazy woman when i’m pushed to my wit’s end. Your mind games broke me and i am effectively a raging mad woman.

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