Despite all evidence to the contrary, a Filipino lawyer has come out to declare that he believes Edz Ello has done nothing wrong by posting seditious comments against Singaporeans on his personal Facebook page. According to Philippines media, Attourney Joyce Domingo Dapat of the Domingo, Munsayac and Associates Law Office, Philippines, appeared on a recent Pinoy TV show to give her views on the case.

According to Joyce, Edz Ello was treated “unjustly” because he lost his job prior to the conclusion of police investigations. She said that Edz Ello had his human rights “violated” because his passport was impounded for his crime. She also took issue with the S$10,000 bail needed for Edz to post bail, claiming that the amount was too high for such an offence.

Joyce also said the hospital where Edz Ello worked had not shown a proper charge with evidence related to his incompetence at his work. He had simply made a comment about Singapore as a whole.

“I guess they did it because of fear that their reputation will suffer. A similar case occurred when another person posted disparaging remarks against the prime minister. There was no due process, he was similarly just removed from work,” She said.

Joyce argued that the Singapore police cannot prove that Edz Ello was the one who posted the seditious messages. “If we go into defences, our kababayan said his account was hacked.”

Joyce added that her fellow Filipinos in Singapore feared losing their jobs after the incident, a fear which she felt was unjustified. “This shouldn’t be the case. If no one saw him type the post, then how can they be sure that his account was indeed not hacked? This is a professional we are talking about. How come his spelling in the post is atrocious? Something does not connect.”

Not surprisingly, she took her chance to insult Singaporeans and their standard of English on Filipino TV too.

“According to our kababayans, Singaporeans really look at Filipinos as their competition given that we are diligent and speak better English. You really have to be careful about what you say. Also you have to consider that there are an average of 4 different cultures in that country: Indians, Malaysians, Chinese, and Filipinos. You have to be careful not to offend anyone with your remarks,” she said.

Edz Ello was accused of sedition due to the malicious comments published on his Facebook page last January 2, 2015. In this post, he allegedly said “Singaporean Tloosers…” and vowed “…to evict them from the country.” He also allegedly wished “that disastors would strike Singapore and more Singaporeans will die and he would celebrate.” To end his post, he allegedly said that “Pinoys better and stronger than Stinkaporeans.” He followed this up with a comment that said “Kick out all Singaporeans and this country will be a new Filipino state.”

A partial transcript of the Pinoy interview here:

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