5 men were arrested on Wednesday for a series of cheating offences committed at Sim Lim Square.

This is according to a police news release, which said that the police had received many reports against the infamous Mobile Air for dishonest sales practices last year. Customers at the shop were allegedly tricked into buying handphones and other “in-house warranties” at exorbitant prices.

Victims who wanted to back out of the deals also had to pay unreasonable amounts of money to cancel the deals.

One of the 5 men arrested is the reviled Jover Chew, who sparked outrage last year after his shop Mobile Air tried to force Vietnamese tourist Pham Van Thoai to pay an additional $1500 for an in-house warranty for an iPhone 6 that he bought from the cheats. Mr Pham was videoed going down on his knees and tearfully begging the shop assistants and Chew for a refund for his $950 phone.

In a separate case, a customer of Chew’s managed to get an Small Claims Tribunal order to demand that Mobile Air refund her $1010. Mobile Air’s owners begrudgingly decided to return her the full amount in coins.

The 5 men will be charged on Friday.

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