Teenage blogger Amos Yee may be sent for reformative training after he rejected the option of probation.

Yee returned to the state courts again today for an urgent hearing after his probation officer filed a report to the court explaining Yee’s refusal to accept the terms of probation.

The court heard Yee refused to take down the offending video and blog post about Lee Kuan Yew even though court judge Jasvender Kaur had informed him and his lawyers about this requirement during the previous trial meeting. He had also refused to meet with his probation officer after he told her he did not want to undergo probation.

Prosecutors will now press for reformative training for Yee, arguing that a fine and jail term would not have any reformative effect on the teenager.

Reformative training at the RTC is a sentencing option for offenders between 16 and 18 years of age who are assessed unsuitable for probation. Offenders must serve at least 18 months in the RTC if sentenced.

Yee’s lawyers have asked for time to convene and come to a decision on the RTC recommendations by the prosecution. The trial is likely to resume later than the scheduled 2nd June date in light of these new developments. If the judge sentences in favor of reformative training for Yee, Yee will be remanded a further 4 weeks maximum for a report to be conducted on his suitability for RTC.

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