Under LKY and especially under GCT, we were on way to being a 1st world society, one that is prosperous, graceful, educated and of course cultured.

Will you consider our current PM to be weak?

He see himself, it seems, as some sort of successes at establishing Singapore as a regional leader (although this is debatable, since both President of China and US visited our neighbours but not us); only that stupid Abe (who can forget WW2 and Abe is one of those that say it did not happen they way we know it, Japan was not the aggressor and did not rape and kill civilians) visited us, but we are not proud of it.

But in Singapore

1) Sudden influx of FT to displace Singaporean
2) Infrastructure not ready to cater to the explosion of residents
3) With influx of FTs, decades of nation buildings have gine to waste…now there are uneasy tensions between Local Born, New Citizen and FTs
4) Singaporean are no longer a graceful society. We had become impatient and easily influenced by negative event. We even laugh at the rapes and murder that is going on in India and China.
5) Under LKY and GCT, our educational goal is clear, study hard get a good degree. This is still the norm in many countries. Over here, our ministers are confused…one minute say get a degree, the other will say degree not so important, lifeskill and experience are…then say important to get a degree from accredited institue…then while other countries say degree mills are fake…our rubbish minister say they are not fake but unaccredited.
6) So many new citizens admitted every month..and they are allowed to vote immediately..this make people wonder if the Chosen One i desperate. If this is the case, this government is morally weaker than people can imagine.

And the list goes on and on about how weak our PM is.

So a vote for him, is a betrayal to Singapore…this is the responsibility of a democratic society. The people is responsible to put in power a government that best represent the people, and not the government.


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