Let me ask you Singaporeans one question.

Where can you see hope and future among all the parties in Singapore?

Is it in PAP and LHL?
But LHL is already in his 60s by now.He is a weak leader and he won’t be holding onto power for long anymore.

Ten years from now he would most likely have step down already and within 20 years time he should be dead already.

So even if you don’t support opposition parties and want to go with PAP all the way who do you foresee will take up LHL place and lead PAP?

You think people like shamugan,kee chiu and chuan jin will be the next one?

But is it possible?
All the business in this country belong to LKY and now inherited by his 3 children and all the friends and relatives of the lee family is working in these businesses.

You really think it is so easy for them to let a non lee related member to step up to control pap which is actually the shield of the Lee family business rather than the government of this country?

It is time for you to seriously figure out for yourself what PAP actually stand for in life. Is it a government or is it a Lee Pte Ltd?

You think after LHL has grown old and step down his sons will take over him and continue the lee dynasty?

Is it possible or not?
You tell me.

If you are the dad and you know your family business have 50 long years of rotten debts,skeletons and a whole string of enemies who have been hurt and sue by you will you still pass a chibai company to your sons?

If you are the son yourself will you want to volunteer to take up this chibai business?

Shouldn’t the fuckers use the time available now to try to refill up the company accounts and pack their own outside family fortune to leave and retire elsewhere before this company sink and collapse?

Let’s talk about oppositions then.

So many opposition parties which one can you see hope in if they were to replace pap and become the new government?

Is it those who are already now in their late 50s,60s and even 70s unrealistic people who after LKY have died and know election is coming and still want to open up lanjiao parties to spoil votes hoping to become the next ruler?

In order for a new era to come it will take time and even an entire generation before pap can be replace.

By then these old farts will be how old already? Can they even still be in touch with the ground society by then?

You want to place your life and futures with these fuckers?

Are you kidding me?

If I am you I will choose the strongest and most popular and powerful opposition parties instead where their leaders are still relatively young in their 40s to early 50s and their CEC committee members are relatively young middle age people instead of those wild cards whose members are old enough to sleep in coffin in a few more years already.

You have to ask yourselves among all these opposition members who have the time to outlive LHL and still have the fire in them to usher in the new era when pap dynasty is over and who are the ones who really care for the country and who are the moles and who are the jokers daydreaming to be kings of this country.

Your ability to analyse and figure out all this will determine the fate of your country and your descendants fates in the days to come.

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