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I am very much involved in Opposition Politics because I believe Singapore parliament should have more diverse voices that will benefit fellow Singaporeans.

Me and a few like-minded friends volunteer our time with opposition parties during weekends hoping to spread the good words of opposition parties to fellow Singaporeans. We needed to tell them that Singapore has alternatives and they need not subject themselves to CPF withdrawal limits and HDB upgrade carrots any longer.

It has come to our attention that its core PAP activists and its Internet Brigade have mounted a ground and internet campaign to discredit Reform Party and its secretary general Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

These PAP activists have highlighted Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s UK Permanent Residency, the citizenship of his wife (a U.K citizen) and their son’s U.K citizenship. This indirectly questioned the loyalty of KJ because his son is not a Singaporean, and doubted his son’s eligibility to serve NS.

I shall ask these PAP activists – so what if all these are true? It is inconsequential because KJ is still a Singaporean and he still has a right to represent Singaporeans. He has not violated any Singapore laws simply because he is a U.K permanent resident and has a wife who is a non-Singaporean.

Other like-minded opposition supporters shared the views that some PAP Cabinet Ministers also have wives who are non-Singaporeans.

Singaporeans have forgotten that Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Minister in-charge of Muslim Affairs has a wife who holds American citizenship. His two sons is holding or held dual citizenship (Singaporean citizen and U.S citizen). You can read more about this relevation here:–citizenship.html

“In a statement released through his press secretary on Monday, Dr Yaacob said his two children have dual citizenship until the age of 18 because of the status of his wife as an American citizen, reported Channel NewsAsia.”

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s wife is Madam Jane Yumiko Ittogi who is of Japanese descent. Are Singaporeans supposed to question whether his wife has permanent residency of Japan? Singaporeans can never get the answer because there are no real opposition in parliament to file these questions.

If Singaporeans have poor will to enact political change and to kick out PAP for the better of our future generation, then it shall take non-Singaporeans and ex-Singaporeans to take the lead to seek this change that is badly needed in Singapore.

Change Singapore Now!

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