Parents who apply for their children to be admitted into a primary school based on their proximity to the school will now have to ensure that their children stay in the declared address until they finish Primary 2. This according to a new ruling by the Ministry of Education.

“The home-school distance category priority has always been given with the expectation that the family will reside at the address declared for the P1 registration exercise, as it is for the convenience and interest of the child,” MOE said.

But as expected, this is not always the case.

According to a property analyst, “there are people who simply just rent a place, get the address and then they register the child. After they get a place, they vacate. This is an abuse of the system and I believe MOE is coming up with this new policy to stop all this abuse.”

Parents who register their child for Primary 1 next year will have to abide by the new ruling. The registration exercise next year starts on 2nd July 2016.

Netizens have given their views on the subject.

“To me it’s quite all right to have this ruling. It’s like everyone has a fair chance of going to the school, not just because you can afford to buy certain houses near the school, then you have the priority.” said a parent.

But there were those who felt that such a temporary fix would not solve the deeper root problems in the primary school registration system.

“It is a fact that certain primary schools are more popular than others because they have better teachers, better facilities and overall a better environment for children to learn in. The government is simply forcing parents from less privileged areas to register for the not so good schools in their areas, which means denying their children the opportunity to move up.” said another parent.

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