We need foreigners. Foreigners create good jobs – Prime Minister Lee HL

Where are the official statistics to prove that foreigners create good jobs? What good jobs are created? Who are employed in these good jobs, if any?. On these questions, The Prime Minister choose to remain indefinitely silent.

About 7 million graduates enters the Chinese/ China job market every year. How many more millions in Indian/ India equivalent? Boys and Girls/ Newly graduates/ Job seeking Citizens – YOU will be competing against this ODDS, for any job placement. Double whammy you say, with this PAP GOV in continuation more SURPRISES are awaiting ( not accounting the MILL certs yet )?

With the many FTAs signed by the PAP Gov, in what manner have/ can the Singapore Gov regulate ( restrict even? ) the influx of the foreigners? ( CECA, go read all about it.)

Suffice to say here, it greatly disadvantage and is unjust to the Citizens NEW and OLD. These millions of foreigners blessed by all these FTAs can and at will, now access our job markets. All under the auspices of the PAP Gov.

Discerning peasants who did protest are relentless lambasted as Xenophobic by the PAP Gov, ½ truth Junkies and its sympathizers.

To mask the deficiencies of these foreigners, PAP Gov label them TALENTS. Henceforth, The honorific, tadada – Foreign Talents ( FTs ).

FTs have been exposed, by the public ( NOT by the carefully vetting PAP Gov ) as perpetrators of a Mill Cert Scourge. Response from Minister Lim/ MOM was unbelievably tacit. He casually excused this unethical/ questionable infringement with the word “ Experience “.

Many of the Ministers and MPs are employers in their own right. It is also distinct that none of them were at all astonished by this revelation. No ministers and PAP MPs register protest. Nor did they bother with the customary act of concern as well. ” SIGH!!!!!!!~! ”

Minister Heng is proud that our education is recognized as top world ranking. Yet our employers ( including civil service, stat boards, GLC, etc ) are increasingly employing 3rd world educated ( dubious qualification ) FTs over our top world Ranking graduates.

The PAP Gov fill our world recognized top ranking schools and teriary institutions with ever more foreigners, a larger proportion of these are here enjoying generous ( tax payers monies ) scholarships sponsored by the PAP Gov. Public speeches by Minister Khaw and PAP MPs would openly discourage our children from pursuing tertiary education.

Upon graduation, these foreigners too will flow into our already overwhelming pool of job seekers.

Oh Minister Heng, what is the Minister, Yes Sir, you being proud of ? In what manners can the Citizens share in this pride?

The PAP Gov report in recent time and again – Productivity in Singapore has fallen. We need to boost productivity. Wages cannot increase without productivity. ( Ironically Ministers continues to collect millions in Salaries and Bonuses and Secret PAY-OUTS. A Large and complicated is required to govern a tiny island with ” long coastline. ” )

Employed in our economy are hundreds of thousands of PAP Gov approved FTs. Can it be that this large mass of so called PAP’s talents actually diminish our rate of productivity returns?

LKY said foreigners have more drive, they are hungrier. They are necessary to dig spurs into sinkies hide. Yet productivity is declining still.

Even so, the PAP Gov concludes greater numbers of these similar FTs are required to boost the economy. Will this increase or decrease productivity further? What then? Spend money to restart “ Productivity Campaign ?”


The PAP has shown to be united and unswerving in these policies. Without doubt, the PAP is a determined juggernaut.

Prime Minister Lee HL – “ securing our future together. “

Fresh in memory are the words of then labour union chief, now MOM, Minister Lim’s words. “ Do not see low wage jobs as low wage jobs.” “ Low wage jobs are jobs of the future “

How secure is your future/ your children’s future, when the present PAP GOV can ONLY find confidence in having their approved Foreign Talents INFLUX?

YOUR being witnessing, experience of daily LIVING TODAY, is the result of a complacent, condescending and self ENTITLED PAP GOV.

Hav a nice day.


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