According to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case), research data shows that Volkswagen has continued to hold the top position for the car company in Singapore that has received the most customer complaints.

Volkswagen received 12 car complaints from the start of January 2014 to the first quarter of this year. This is 1 more complaint than its previous year’s record.

Volkswagen’s complaints was more than double of those made by runner up BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which share the second spot. Both brands have had 5 complaints.

Calculated as a ratio for complaints made per new cars sold, Volkswagen had 3.41 complaints for every 1000 cars sold, as compared to 1.2 for BMW and 0.76 for Mercedes-Benz.

Most of the complaints were about problematic gearboxes which could not be resolved despite numerous attempts to fix them.

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