To those of you who keep voting PAP because they are doing a good job, better listen carefully!

When PAP say foreigners are here to create jobs for us or they are here to do the jobs Singaporeans don’t want to do, are you sure that’s the truth?

This picture is the truth. Foreign workers are now allowed to openly apply for manager, associate and other PMET jobs openly in Singapore.

So all they got to do is contact their local Pinoy HR representative (who probably has a fake degree from a degree mill), ask for lower salary than Singaporean, get the job and apply for ICA employment pass (with another fake degree or degree mill diploma). Mission complete, one less job for Singaporean, money goes out to the whole Pinoy family in the Philippines.

Congratulations PAP. You just pwned yourself big time. As long as this continues, me and my family will never vote for you.


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