A video showing a large group of Caucasian cyclists “road hogging” and weaving dangerously in and out of traffic at Sengkang East Drive has attracted the attention of the Traffic Police (TP).

According to a statement to the media on Sunday, TP said that they would be looking into the incident and asked anyone with information to come forward.

Filmed using the rear and front view cameras of a car that almost got into an accident with the reckless Caucasian cyclists, the video shows cyclists cycling in front of, behind and around vehicles on the 3 lane road. Their actions caused vehicles to slow down or brake completely, causing confusion and congestion on the road.

Netizens have voiced their disapproval for the cyclists’ dangerous riding. One netizen says that this is one of the biggest cycling groups caught on video in Singapore.

Several netizens said that if such a large group were to cycle on the roads, they should be escorted by road marshals or only be allowed to cycle at timings when there was no traffic such as early in the morning or late at night.

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