Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is investigating 2 of its staff who were videoed shouting at a group of Indian passengers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

In the clip, a group of Indian passengers who were on transit from Singapore approached the counter. According to one of the passengers, they had been waiting for over 4 hours.

One of the MAS staff was caught on video telling the group to “shut up” and “line up” angrily before slamming his phone down and stomping off. There was no explanation as to what caused this outburst. After that, another staff turned up to tell the passengers to wait for their manager to resolve the situation.

MAS says that it “views this matter seriously and an internal investigation has been carried out.”

“Whilst the airline has high regards to the code of conduct of its employees, the airline does not condone abusive behaviour by passengers,” it said.

MAS said the video was captured on May 1 when the staff were attending to 30 connecting passengers from Singapore to Hyderabad and Bangalore at KLIA’s transit counter.

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