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I hate to do this…BUT…This “woman” is really too much!!!

Today is my youngest son’s birthday and we celebrate at Swensens T2. Being a small kid, Ayden talks and sings and plays around. Then, this “woman” who sat behind us, shouted “SHUT UP” AT Ayden!!! We kept our cool, I turned back and told her ” you shouldn’t say that to my kid! If you cannot see/hear kids being noisy, then you leave!”

Before we left, told helper to bring all boys out first, I really needed to affirm my stand, i went to her to tell her firmly that this is a public place with many kids, if she doesn’t like it, just stay at home and don’t come out cos everywhere will have kids!

Then, she was all fumed, screamed on top of her lungs “get lost before I lost my temper, F**k You! And blablabla” By now, all attention on her and the restaurant staff pulled me away. The hubby wasn’t with me but heard her scream and he shouted back at her from the entrance “My wife did not do anything to u Why u hv to shout vulgarity!” And so. ..before any disaster, I hv to pull him away together with the manager. Else I think we should be on stomp!

Bottomline: We understand that not everyone likes children or noise. We ourselves also cannot take it when our kids make so much noise outside. But kids will be kids and it is their job to play and be kids!!! If YOU don’t like kids or noise, then stay at home or stay quiet if outside!!!

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