Dear Editors,

Congratulations to LionsXII for their wonderful win but I wonder why wasn't this important game shown "Live" on Free-To-Air TV? Of course it was shown LIVE on Starhub but why only Starhub? Was it because it's a foregone conclusion that our Singapore Lions will not make it? Was it because it make no monetary sense to show Our Local Players playing without foreign imports?

Did not anybody informed the Government and Mediacorp that our brave LionsXII had to compete with 13 States and 3 Federal Territories before emerging as the overall Champions?

Why can we spend millions of dollars to bring in foreign imports, give them allowances, lodging, meals etc but we cannot show our appreciation and gratitude to to our local born players who fought tooth and nail for the country?

Isn't this a good time to bring the Nation together in this momentous moment of glory with millions of Singaporeans glued to the TV Screen instead of just catering to Starhub's paid customer?

It's a mystery why such an important game involving our LionsXII was not televised on National TV. This goes against the whole point of celebrating #SG50. I am disappointed and disgusted at the media treatment towards our LionsXII.

Tony Fernandez

A.S.S. Contributor

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