Since today, wife and I have been living in fear… of RATS! This is all because of the previous tenants, who did not keep the room clean. We regret trusting the owner’s words about this place.

Story starts when we rented this room, I asked the owner who are the previous tenants. She told me that all of her tenants are Singaporeans, so I trusted her as I thought that Singaporeans usually very clean one. End up I realized that the house was previously rent to a bunch of PRCs, nevermind.

Today, I was walking down to the kitchen, I see a ****ING rat. A ****ING RAT. Nevermind, 1 rat nevermind, thinking that it might come from my neighbor house. I close one eye.

But later I was lazing in the study room, guess what, 1 rat creep up at my printer. I **** my pants.

Lesson learn, never trust the ****ing landlord, ****ing PRCs can’t keep place clean for **** sake.

My wife and I are OCD, she cleans the house everyday, low probabilty for rats to come to our house, end up we concluded that it might be the previous tenant who is actually ****ing dirty.

Lesson learn. Trust the landlord, now end up suffer. Heng only 1 year tenancy before I move out to my house which is still building.

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