A 53 year-old company director, who is also a father of 3 children, told the court on Friday about his affair with a sales director in the same company which resulted in the birth of his illegitimate child. However, he contended that he should not be forced to pay maintenance for his child as he had no contact with the child and did not even want to acknowledged as the parent.

But the court did not accept his reasoning. According to Senior Judge Kan Ting Chiu, under the Women’s Charter, the father has a duty as a parent to support the child, regardless of whether they are legitimate or illegitimate.

Although the man says that his relationship with his sales director was purely sexual, the woman countered by saying that their relationship was mutual and that she thought they were in love.

However, the judge also reduced the monthly sum demanded of the father to $720 from $1050. He said that although the woman earned a lesser salary compared to the man, who earns $14,075 a month, there was no evidence that she was unable to pay half the stipulated monthly allowance for the 3 year-old boy.

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