A PRC chef working for a local restaurant got drunk one night and accidentally fell off the 3rd storey rooftop of his staying quarters. Now his entire family have flown to Singapore to demand compensation from his employer.

According to Wanbao, the 42 year-old PRC chef had flown in from China just 7 months ago and had been working at his employer’s restaurant since. His room mates say that he liked to have a few drinks on the rooftop of his quarters. On Thursday, his room mates discovered him lying motionless on the second story balcony of the adjacent unit. They realized that he had stopped breathing and immediately contacted the police and the paramedics, but it was already too late.

They suspect that the PRC man had gone to the roof to have his drinks as usual, but may have accidentally tripped and fell off the roof, resulting in his death.

The family of the deceased PRC chef arrived yesterday afternoon. They headed straight for the restaurant where the deceased worked at and demanded monetary compensation.

The family spoke to the media about their demands. They want the employer to pay “Singapore standard” living expenses for the deceased’s elderly parents until their deaths, the living and schooling expenses for his 16 year-old daughter until she finishes university, and cover all funeral costs.

Hearing these terms, the employer refused their demands and the PRC family resorted to making a huge scene at the restaurant, forcing the employer to shoo them outside his shop for fear of disturbing his customers. Their loud antics also attracted the attention of curious passersby who snapped pictures of them.

Speaking to the media, the deceased’s employer said that he was willing to contribute money for the funeral and said that S$1900 had already been raised by himself and the other employees for the deceased’s funeral. He says he has never ruled over compensation out of goodwill, but he feels the terms of the PRC family are not reasonable at all.

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