A pretty female Facebook netizen took her rage online after experiencing an inappropriate conversation with a taxi driver.

According to the girl, she boarded a taxi after a late night movie. The taxi driver tried to make conversation by asking why she did not meet her boyfriend.

She replied that her boyfriend was out having drinks with his friends.

The taxi driver then asked “Then how you have sex tonight? He never send you home. You not scared Uncle bring you to somewhere funny?”

She replied, “You think Singapore so easy kidnap people ah?”

She claims that he went on to describe how he and his went to the beach in Krabi where he saw many naked ang mohs. He then allegedly described the breasts and buttocks of these ang mohs in explicit detail before asking her if she wanted kids. He also allegedly asked if she used protection when having sex with her boyfriend.

Not knowing what to do, she answered all his questions hoping that he would not try “anything funny”.

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